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"You uplift our community Doug Jessop ! So glad to be with you brainstorming on the most exciting new things shaping our community!"

Brandon Fugal,  Chairman at Colliers International , Owner of Skinwalker Ranch


"With so much negativity in the world today, Doug provides positive and uplifting stories that are both inspirational and motivating for us the viewer.  I am grateful for people like Doug Jessop that brings these stories to life.  A business or event would be fortunate to be highlighted on Jessop’s Journeys.”

Terry Grant. President & CEO, Altabank

"By partnering with a news personality, we were able to highlight our economic themes through conversational interviews with key influencers. Video is such a powerful medium to educate and engage - and Doug Jessop brings the personality and skill to truly make a difference."

Nicole Martin, Communications Manager, Provo City 

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