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Chances are that if you see a TV personality wearing a hat, it’s Doug Jessop.​

For Doug, it all started with a cassette recorder he got for Christmas when he was 12 years old growing up in Southern California. Doug interviewed relatives, friends and anyone else that might have a good story. The broadcast bug was solidified in high school after getting 15 minutes of fame being on-air briefly at 2 major Los Angeles radio stations.

"Jessop's Journeys - People, Places and Things you might not know about" celebrates success & entrepreneurship

"JobsOfTheWeek,com" are one-minute TV profiles of companies and their job opportunities. Companies hiring people on the Autism Spectrum are given first priority.

If you are tired of all the negative news out there, consider this your invitation to watch a 30-minute collection of powerful, positive and inspirational stories and music called "Jessop's Journal" that airs in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona on Sunday mornings at 10 on ABC4 News and streaming worldwide at

if you have a private family heritage story you want remembered, but NOT on TV, Doug has introduced a custom interview service available on a limited basis. For details go to

You can see a big list of Doug's news stories that went national by clicking on MUCKRACK.

Please consider following Doug at, LinkedIn, YouTube and at “@dougjessopnews” on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Brandon Fugal interviewed by Doug Jessop, TV personaltiy
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